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Our brain affects everything we do - both functionally and physically, but also emotionally.

BrainUP StressDOWN is here to support the optimal functioning of the brain, fighting the number 1 factor that disrupts it - stress.

How does BrainUP StressDOWN work?

BrainUP StressDOWN contains essential nutrients needed to build the membranes of our nerve and brain cells. These cells are critical for concentration, memory and response to stress - including the production of stress hormone. By taking BrainUP StressDOWN, these cells are nourished to stay healthy, strong, and functional. BrainUP StressDOWN also has no known side effects and does not interact with drugs.

BrainUP StressDOWN does not contain stimulants or sedatives, unlike other products. Why;

BrainUP StressDOWN does not require the use of sedatives or stimulants to work. Other products are based on sedatives to achieve anxiolytic action, but which cause drowsiness, such as valerian, passion fruit, hops or lemon balm. Other products contain stimulants, such as caffeine or rhodiola, but cause hyperactivity. BrainUP StressDOWN contains only active ingredients to reduce stress, improve cognitive function and mood. With BrainUP StressDOWN, you can reduce stress while still being alert.

What makes BrainUP StressDOWN unique?

BrainUP StressDOWN is a patented formula - scientifically supported by published clinical trials in international scientific journals. Other products may contain some of the ingredients contained in BrainUP StressDOWN, but none cover the required amount of these ingredients to work and produce the results that BrainUP StressDOWN achieves.

Does BrainUP StressDOWN work differently from other products? 

Yes, BrainUP StressDOWN is designed to give our brain the nutrients it needs to function. Most competing products are simply herbal supplements, unlike the science-based BrainUP StressDOWN, which has been developed, tested and, of course, proven to help fight stress, which is closely linked to brain health.

He remained calm and focused under pressure

The intense rhythms of everyday life, the increased demands and the stress weaken our cognitive function. While certain levels of stress help people to be productive, increased stress, and especially chronic stress, can affect memory, concentration, thinking, and mood.

Memory disorders, on the other hand, and inability to concentrate cause intense stress. When exposure to stressors is constant, the brain gradually loses the ability to encode, store and retrieve information, which is perceived as memory impairment, low concentration and poor mood.