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Who we are

The first "entertainment" pharmacy store in Greece with a "feel-good factor".

Our philosophy is based that our customers are often tired and demotivated and we believe our pharmacy’s interior should be relaxing and have a revitalizing effect,transforming stress into positive energy. Studies have shown that the environment plays an important role on how you get over a disease or health issue probably a psychological positive effect..

We encourage our customers to hunt for the latest products looking to have fun and socialise at the same time without necessarily wanting to buy something straight away. Self-service!

We look forward to entertain, fascinate and educate customers in any issue or health related problem, just as if they where house guests.


With a large open space of approx 100m2 dedicated:

- Space for children of all ages

- Beauty space & beauty treatments in a dedicated area

- Dedicated space for medicines advice & administration

- Underground floor specific for Orthopedic shoes / Summer shoes / Sandals with brands such as Birkenstock, Scholl & others.


For a similar shopping experience even from your computer shop online from our store if you are looking for the best possible prices & Worldwide delivery..