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Renewal & Rejuvenating Cream Elix

Cutaneous Elix cream is a potent, regenerative and reparative combination of bioactive molecules, which makes the cream Elix unique to restore the physiological functions and characteristics (texture, appearance) of the upper layers of the skin.

Intended for intensive care of the skin and accelerated regenerative and reconstructive action. The Elix is a cream rebuild specific action for the body and face.

Tones and protect the damaged skin and has a soothing effect.

The union of beauty and scientific expertise in a miraculous turn dermofarmakeftikon cosmetics, reversing time and redefines the youthful appearance of the skin.

• The development of the formulation was made by GENOMED in collaboration with the University of Athens

•Greek product

• Dermatologist tested

• Without parabens

• Complete the EU legislation.

• European CPNP notification


• Anti-aging -Antioxeidotiki

• Day

• Night

• Eye (bags, dark circles)

• Moisturizing

• Wrinkle

• Acne

• Healing

• Reformer

• Sores

• Burns (solar, dermapoxesis, laser -apotrichosis, peeling)

• Cut - abrasions injuries

• dermatitis

• Foot Fungus (onychomycosis, bad breath, sweating)

• bites (mosquitoes, wasps)

• Weight Loss in difficult areas

• Joints

• Blows -molopes

• Basis for magistral

• Psoriasis

• Hemorrhoids

• Nappy (diaper change)

• Scars (trauma, surgery, burns, acne)

• Anti-inflammatory

• Reconstruction of skin tissue

• Tightening (prevents relaxation postpartum)

• rectifier

• Revitalization

• Care and protection of the nipples during pregnancy and breastfeeding

• scrub for feet with scabs and dry skin

• Nutritional

• Varicose -flevitida-poor circulation

• Tired legs (standing for swollen feet)

• Protection diabetic foot

• Preventing stretch marks

• Hand

• Antiseptic

• Anti Microbial

• Dehydrated skin

• Cell Renewal

• eczema

• Sunburn

• Cracked heels

• Skin rashes

Components :

It contains extracts of plants Alkanna tinctoria, Calendula officinalis, Picea excelsa, Betula Pubescens:

The Alkanna tinctoria, a plant native to southern Europe and contains among other alkannini. The alkannini used to treat traumatic solutions of continuity of the skin such as chronic ulcers of different etiology (venous stasis, decubitus ulcers), burns, psoriasis, for a variety of diseases such as eczema, keratinodermia, dermatomyositis, calluses, corns, acne, burns, even hemorrhoids. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

The Calendula officinalis flower is usual in Europe, and is applied to the skin to reduce pain and edema (inflammation) and for healing wounds and leg ulcers. It has anti-inflammatory action, and according to some studies and has antimicrobial properties. It is an excellent healing with valuable therapeutic and cosmetic properties. It is beneficial for wounds that heal slowly and for skin and varicose ulcers. The Calendula officinalis is used for the treatment of wounds and skin irritations, burns, and eczema. It is ideal as a first aid in minor burns.

H Betula Pubescens (Birch) is a deciduous tree reaching a height of 20-25 meters and contains high levels -Betoulinis and betulin acid; which are known for their ability to prevent cancer and even to kill cancer cells by causing apoptosis cancer cells. Inhibits melanogenesis in skin effect, acquire brightness. As a powerful general anti-inflammatory can be used in systemic infections such as hepatitis, pancreatitis, pleurisy, etc., And antioxidant properties exceed even those of vitamin C. The phytochemical contents of Birch almost surprising since it contains 22 amino acids, 33 triterpenoids, aglycones , enzymes, fatty acids, flavonoids, nucleic acids (DNA & RNA), quercetin, rutin, superoxide dismutase, testosterone and epitestosterone in high amounts.

The Picea abies extract prepared from refined resin Norwegian pine in Finnish Lapland. The resin is used since ancient times in traditional Finnish and Swedish medicine as treatment of various skin diseases (skin infections, wounds, eczema, burns bedtime).






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