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Regeneration and repair of the skin.

Professor V. Papageorgiou dedicated 40 years of research to the discovery of skin regenerative factors.

The result of these many years of research is Histoplastin Red®, a cream with strong regenerative, regenerative and anti-aging action.

Accelerates the renewal of your skin, repairing (restoring) the damage caused by daily aggravating factors, such as: 

Lack of sleep

Smoke in cafes, nightclubs

Bad weather

Air pollution


Bad nutrition

Solar radiation

Intense, frequent make-up

Normal wear and tear of time

Premature aging from free radical attacks

Oxidative stress

You may have already noticed the signs of fatigue, such as dull, damaged skin, with wrinkles and tendencies to irritation. Even if these signs have not yet appeared, however, because you are at risk in the long run, you can do something to prevent them.

As long as you incorporate into your routine, some short daily care habits.

Contains the extremely powerful skin regenerating agents Alkannins / Shikonins (A / S) in synergistic action with terpenes from oleoresin Pistacia Lentiscus and Olea Europaea.


Anti-wrinkle Action

Antioxidant Action

Collagen production

Restoration of Elasticity

Photo Aging Protection


How to Apply Histoplastin Red® - Daily Regeneration

For immediate absorption and deep nourishment, use Histoplastin Red® on clean skin when the pores are open immediately after:

lukewarm shower

cleaning and make-up remover in water form

Apply a small amount equal to one lentil on the forehead, cheeks and chin. Gently massage in circular motions for 10-15 seconds until absorbed.

Histoplastin Red® is absorbed in 1-2 minutes.

Continue with other care products, such as serum, day cream, sunscreen or makeup.

* If you think it is necessary, dab lightly to remove the extra amount on the surface. The bioactive ingredients of Histoplastin Red® must remain on the skin as a basis for nourishing and regenerating it.

Using Histoplastin Red® daily, day by day you will see your skin improving more and more. Your face acquires a healthy and youthful look that radiates beauty and vitality. Elasticity is restored and the face looks firm, relaxed and youthful.

When to Apply Histoplastin Red®:

In the morning before being exposed to external environmental attacks, for protection.

The night before bed, to act during the night. If you also apply night cream, Histoplastin Red® is applied first.

The longer it stays on your skin, the more it nourishes it. Refresh every time you think your skin needs it.

If you have a demanding schedule that forces you to sleep fewer hours than you need, if you spend the night reading or having fun and you feel that your face is not pleasant during the day, cover the signs of fatigue. With Histoplastin Red® your face will look more relaxed and fresh. If you apply makeup for coverage, Histoplastin Red® is applied as a base for regeneration.

If you are doing a scrub or chemical peeling it is ideal to apply it immediately after.

After shaving or waxing, soothe your skin with Histoplastin Red®.

Before the pool, for protection against chlorine.

Before sun exposure, under the sunscreen. So even if you have very sensitive skin, you will have protection that covers you.

After tattoo or laser.

Extra Tips

- Nutrition and Anti-Aging Shear

To maximize the effect, when you have time, apply an amount equal to 2 lentils on each cheek, forehead and chin. To absorb and activate the skin, gently massage for 20-30 sec on each area of the face. For better absorption and deep nourishment, it should be applied when the skin pores are open, as immediately after:

lukewarm shower

cleaning product in the form of water

The action time is 1 hour. For youthful skin, half an hour can be enough. This is the minimum time required, and the longer the bioactive molecules remain on the skin, the more they nourish it. So do not rinse the product, but after an hour - if you think it is necessary - dab lightly and superficially.

Repeat the daily nourishment and anti-aging haircut for 2 or 3 weeks if necessary.

Already with the 1st application you will feel your skin velvety.

In 3 days you will notice that the appearance and texture of your skin has visibly improved.

In 10-15 days the result will impress you. The elasticity is restored and your skin looks firm, healthy and bright. The fine lines have been erased.

In 15-20 days the deeper lines are significantly reduced and in the long run with systematic use it is possible to eliminate.





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