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Liposomes belong to the colloidal delivery systems of bioactive substances which possess the ability to transfer them and hence improve their effectiveness.

Depending on the preparation method, in combination with the physicochemical characteristics of their structural units, the dimensions of the liposomes range from nanometers to a few micrometers.

In the early 1960s, there existed a trend for the study of the biophysical properties of colloidal systems that were composed of lipids and phospholipids with the goal of understanding the biophysical functions of cells. A.D. Bangham, a biophysicist,studied colloidal lipid dispersions in order to mimic the structure and functionality cell membranes and study their functionality.

As long as the liposomes are constructed from similar materials to human cells they benefit over other delivery carriers  due to their structural similarity to human membranes.

They have the ability not only to deliver lipophilic bioactive substances that do not dissolve easily in an aqueous media and exhibit problems with their absorption and bioavailability e.g., vitamins, curcumin, etc. but also ameliorate the rate of the dialysis and absorption via the gastrointestinal lumen of other  water-insoluble amphiphilic substances.

Liposomes possess the ability to deliver bioactive substances and improve their transit across the barriers of the gastrointestinal tract. They are hence deliver vehicles of bioactive substances.

Liposomal technology, especially the innovative technology of supramolecular phospholipids complexes possessing a double layerlipid structure, can improve the efficacy of dietary supplements – a ground-breaking discovery in this field. This pioneering technology increases the effects of the final dosage form of dietary supplements. 

BENFOTIAMINE 100mg is a dietary supplement that contains vitamin B1 in the form of Hydrochloride Thiamine and Benfotiamine. Both of these substances represent the fat-soluble form of vitamin B1 which allows it to penetrate the cellseasier than the water-soluble Thiamin. Thiamin aides in the normal functioning of the body’s metabolic processes aimed towards energy production. The liposomal formulation allows for the higher absorption of its Active substances.


Per daily dose (4ml) %RDA

Vitamin B1 (Hydrochloride Thiamine ) 25 mg 2272,73%

Benfotiamine 100 mg

Liposomal mixture: complex of phosphatidylcholines (from non-genetically modified vegetable oil) with glycerol, non-genetically modified oleic acid

400 mg

Other Ingredients: purified water, stevia, natural orange flavor, potassium sorbate.