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Brushing is believing

The TriZone 5000 Limited Edition marries the familiarity of manual brushing with the power of Oral-B’s triple-action deep cleaning technology.

This cleaning tool is strong enough to be tough on plaque, but gentle enough for everyday use. It provides improved gum health and a lasting clean, fresh feeling so powerful that once you try it, you’ll never want to go back to your manual brush.

With wide sweeping bristles that reach significantly more tooth surface area than a regular manual brush, you can enjoy a comprehensive cleaning.

The TriZone 5000 Limited Edition is approved by the British Dental Health Foundation with the highest possible platinum rating for its superior plaque removal, which removes 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

The Triple Zone experience

The brush head of the TriZone 5000 Limited Edition is divided into three cleaning zones to keep your teeth and gums healthy:

Zone 1: The dynamic angled power tip is designed to access hard-to-reach areas like the very back teeth while the pulsating, sweeping motion delivers a thorough clean.

Zone 2: Non-sweeping bristles pulsate on the entire surface of your teeth to fight plaque build-up and ultimately keep all of your teeth clean.

Zone 3: Sweeping, pulsating bristles reach deep between teeth for a stimulating brushing experience that can improve the overall health of your whole mouth.

Brushing too hard is a habit of the past

One of the tendencies people often have when using an electric toothbrush is excessive brushing, or brushing too hard. Usually a habit picked up from using a manual toothbrush, excessive brushing can badly affect your gums if carried on for too long. To help you avoid excessive brushing, the TriZone 5000 Limited Edition features the Triple Action Pressure Control System. This intelligent system is able to sense if you're using too much pressure when brushing, and it uses three types of signals to let you know you're brushing too hard.

Red band flashes if you're using too much pressure

1Auditory - The pulsating action of the toothbrush is stopped, which changes the sound of the toothbrush, giving you an auditory signal that you're brushing too hard.

2Visual - An red light band integrated into the handle of the toothbrush begins to flash, giving you a visual signal.

3Sensory - The system takes brushing assistance to the next level by actively switching the brushing mode to the Sensitive mode, reducing the speed of the brushing action, giving you a final sensory signal to help you avoid excessive brushing.

Along with the intelligent brushing assistance of the Triple Action Pressure Control System, the TriZone 5000 Limited Edition toothbrush has a Smart Guide to motivate and guide you towards a thorough yet gentle cleaning every time you brush.

Smart Guide

Get extra motivation with the Star Reward System

The digital Smart Guide unit wirelessly syncs up with the toothbrush to give you real-time dentist-inspired feedback that helps you brush thoroughly and gently. Built into the Smart Guide is the Star Reward System, a simple yet effective feature meant to help motivate better brushing. The Star Reward System consists of five stars that light up one by one as you brush, giving a full five-star rating when you brush properly for the dentist-recommended two minutes.

Along with the Star Reward System and a brush mode indicator, the wireless Smart Guide includes features which work together to give you real-time brushing feedback, which includes where to brush, how long you need to brush and if you're applying too much pressure.

Brushing Timer: 

Guides you to brush for two minutes, as recommended by dentists.

Visual Pressure Alert: 

Smart Guide sets off a visual warning when you are brushing too hard to help you keep control of brushing and protect your gums.

Quadrant Prompt: 

Prompts you after 30 seconds to change the quadrant, or area, of your mouth, helping you to brush thoroughly across all four quadrants of your mouth.

Customised brushing with six unique brushing modes

Your daily cleaning routine doesn't have to be the same every day. The TriZone 5000 Limited Edition has six different brushing modes available at the push of a button, so you can easily choose between Daily Clean, Massage, Sensitive, Polish, Deep Clean or Tongue Cleaning.

1Daily clean: exceptional cleaning of teeth and gums

2Massage: gentle stimulation of gums

3Sensitive: gentle yet thorough cleaning for sensitive areas

4Polish: polishing and natural whitening of your teeth to remove stains

5Deep clean: for that thorough, dentist clean feeling

6Tongue cleaning: to help remove bacteria on the tongue that cause bad breath

Looks as smart as the technology inside

The TriZone 5000 Limited Edition has been slimmed down for a sophisticated look and the ergonomics of the handle have been improved with a contoured design and a new surface structure, making the toothbrush easier to grip and more comfortable to handle when brushing. Function matches design with an easy to reach finger stop button and colour LED handle display with stronger contrast, so you can see the battery life at a glance.

Why go electric?

Over 75% of dentists now recommend using a rechargeable toothbrush as they help to eliminate human error during brushing, which can lead to more serious gum problems. Oral-B's 3D brushing technology found in their rechargeable toothbrushes is clinically proven to remove 100% more plaque as an ordinary manual toothbrush. In a survey of 5,140 Oral-B power toothbrush users, 9 out 10 said they were so happy with their power toothbrush that they wouldn’t go back to an ordinary one.

The TriZone 5000 Limited Edition versus a manual brush

The TriZone 5000 Limited Edition was designed to be used like your manual brush while removing up to 100% (two times) more plaque, even between teeth. This brush also reduces gingivitis up to three times better than a regular manual toothbrush, reaches up to two times deeper between teeth and removes four times more plaque along the gum line than a regular manual brush. Innovative motion delivers a superior clean in between teeth while reaching places manual brushes normally miss.

The TriZone brush head is designed to mimic the head shape of a regular manual toothbrush and is engineered to clean exceedingly better than one. In fact, you can brush like usual and easily get up to 100% more plaque removal.

Compatible with a wide range of brush heads

The TriZone 5000 Limited Edition toothbrush is compatible with a variety of Oral-B brush heads, including Precision Clean, Floss Action, Dual Action, Sensitive Clean and 3D White. The only exceptions are the Pulsonic and Sonic brush heads, which are only compatible with the Oral-B Pulsonic power toothbrush range. The TriZone 5000 Limited Edition comes with three interchangeable brush heads in the pack (2x TriZone and 1x Power Tip).

Each Oral-B toothbrush head comes with a coloured ring that fits on to the base of the replacement brush head. These rings come in a variety of colours allowing you to distinguish between different people’s brush heads if using the same toothbrush handle.